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Applications to Metaphysics

  • D. S. Clarke
Part of the Philosophical Studies Series book series (PSSP, volume 96)


In this final chapter I apply some of the conclusions reached in the two previous chapters to the ill-defined branch of philosophy known as “metaphysics.” The first section outlines some of the different forms metaphysics has taken in its quest for comprehensiveness. Our central interest is in alternative versions of contemporary materialism and in how features of reference, existence, and identity discussed above can be applied to the evaluation of these theories. An extended criticism of materialism on this basis is conducted in the second and third sections. This criticism constitutes a confirmation of the methodology outlined in the second chapter, and in this way, we complete the cyclic return to our starting point. I conclude with some general remarks about a variety of metaphysics consistent with the comparative study of sign levels conducted in this work.


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