Quantum Logic

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It has been shown by Birkhoff and v. Neumann (1936) and by Jauch and Piron (1963, 1964, 1968) that the subspaces of Hilbert space constitute an orthocomplemented quasi-modular lattice L q, if one considers between two subspaces (elements) a, b the relation a⊆b and the operations ab, ab, a . Furthermore, since the subspaces can be interpreted as quantum mechanical propositions, and since the operations ∩, ∪, ⟂ have some similarity with the logical operations ⋀ (and), ⋁ (or) and ┐ (not), the question has been raised already by Birkhoff and v. Neumann, whether the lattice of subspaces of Hilbert space can be interpreted as a prop-ositional calculus, sometimes called quantum logic.


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