Process Philosophy and Quantum Dynamics

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Today we are apt to take the concepts of logic as fixed. For Boole, underlying every class or proposition was a mental act he called an election: the operation of selecting from an arbitrary class the members belonging to the given class, or of which the proposition is true. His laws all concern the effects of these acts of election performed in succession or alternation. He posited that elections are 1. distributive, 2. commutative, and 3. idem-potent. He goes on to say that some will challenge the a priori truth of these laws perhaps, and some might even suspend them, but the resulting system of logic will then be a very different logic from that which we know. First I want to show these laws have indeed been challenged and suspended. So I brought along hardware for physical, not mental, elections for photons; three polarizers, x, y, z at angles of θ = 0, π/2, π/4.


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