Patient Management and Decision Models

  • John M. Weiner


Attempts to describe and formalize the functions performed by the health care provider have been presented in a number of distinguished medical journals. Dudley, in 1968, in describing approaches to formalizing the diagnostic process stated:

It can be argued that all that I have written here merely formalises well-known and self-evident truths. This is so, but formal statements are a necessary preliminary to the use of computers and the attraction of these processes is that the first two (pay-off and heuristics) and the dissective aspects of pattern recognition can all be handled by computer techniques. … the most important thing for the physician as a teacher to realise is that with or without the intervention of the computer the techniques described apply in clinical practice…. until the advent of the computer and the logical activity it demands we have not endeavoured to understand our actions in the diagnostic situation. It is scarcely surprising that the student is confused when, with his background of training in the formal deductive logic of the scientific laboratory, he sees the clinician adopt gaming, goal seeking, and pattern recognition. He is both confused and frustrated when in reply to his question—“why do you behave in such a way?”—the answer has been in the past, “this is the art of medicine. ”… if the techniques we use are analysable there exists the opportunity of creating repetitive educational situations which should lead to the more rapid attainment of diagnostic skills.


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