Ultrasonography of the General Abdomen: Peritoneal Cavity, Bowel and Mesentery, and Abdominal Wall

  • Anthony A. Mancuso
  • Dennis A. Sarti
  • W. Frederick Sample


Sonography has become widely accepted as the initial imaging examination of choice for evaluating abdominal masses and suspected fluid collections. The sonographer’s major job is to define the origin and extent of pathology and thereby to direct the course of the remaining diagnostic evaluation (Bearman, Snaders, and Oh 1973; Kangarloo et al. 1977; Leopold and Asher 1972; Maklad, Doust, and Baum 1974; Meyers 1970; Taylor et al. 1978; Wicks, Silver, and Bree 1978). Accurate differential diagnosis is possible with ultrasound, but it often depends more on clinical observations than on specific sonographic findings. A final diagnosis usually requires biopsy, paracentesis, or other confirmatory studies.


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