Ultrasonography of the Pancreas

  • Dennis A. Sarti
  • W. Frederick Sample


The pancreas is a retroperitoneal organ that has remained hidden to most imaging techniques. An upper-gastrointestinal series is the study most often requested to evaluate pancreatic masses. When pancreatic masses impinge upon the gastrointestinal tract, however, only the “tip of the iceberg” can be seen, and the normal pancreas cannot be visualized by this method. Pancreatic isotope studies also can delineate pancreatic masses, but resolution with this technique is less than optimal, and patchy uptake of the isotope leads to false-positive diagnoses. Selective angiography is another modality used in examination of the pancreas. It gives excellent visualization of this organ. Pancreatic masses and abnormal vascularity are easily detected with the high quality of angiography performed at most centers today. Two drawbacks to this technique, however, still remain. The first is the inherent risk, and the second is the inability routinely to perform serial examinations on patients with suspected pancreatic pathology.


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