Hepatic Ultrasonography

  • Barry Green
  • Harvey M. Goldstein
  • Dennis A. Sarti
  • W. Frederick Sample


Prior to the advent of gray scale technology, ultrasound evaluation of the internal structure of the liver was inaccurate. Only the gross hepatic contours could be assessed; intrahepatic abnormalities were diagnosed only with the greatest of difficulty. During the past several years, it has been successfully demonstrated that the internal structure of the liver and parenchymal abnormalities could be easily identified and assessed with gray scale techniques (Bryan et al. 1977; Carlsen 1975; Green et al. 1977; McArdle 1976; Scheible, Gosink, and Leopold 1977; Taylor, Carpenter, and McCready 1973; Taylor et al. 1976). This section describes the technique, normal ultrasonic hepatic anatomy, and ultrasonic appearance of various intrahepatic disorders.


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