Obstetrical Ultrasonography

  • Michael S. Shaub
  • Dennis A. Sarti
  • W. Frederick Sample


Historically, the examination of the female pelvis with diagnostic ultrasound was one of the earlier applications of this burgeoning area of medical imaging (Donald, MacVicar, and Brown 1958; Donald and Brown 1961; MacVicar and Donald 1963; Taylor et al. 1964). The safety, speed, and information obtained from the examination of the gravid uterus has made it one of the most rewarding and useful of all ultrasound examinations. Many improvements have taken place since the days of the first experiments performed by Dr. Ian Donald in Scotland (Donald, MacVicar, and Brown 1958). Examinations may now be performed by a skilled operator with relative ease and speed; most procedures require less than 20 minutes from start to finish.


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