Antibiotic Treatment of Chronic Bronchitis

  • R. J. Davies
  • G. K. Knowles
Part of the New Perspectives in Clinical Microbiology book series (NPCM, volume 4)


Chronic bronchitis remains a major cause of disability in the middle aged and elderly and is responsible for approximately 20000 deaths each year in the United Kingdom. Despite the importance of cigarette smoking in the aetiology of this disease, environmental and social factors are also of consequence. Indeed recent information suggests that both disability and death from chronic bronchitis are decreasing in the U.K. possibly as a result of the clean air policy which has dramatically reduced the level of atmospheric pollution [1]. The prevalence of chronic bronchitis varies greatly in different countries independent of cigarette smoking, and between rural and urban areas [2]. However, in one recent study of over 12 000 individuals aged between 45 and 70 years old in South East London, symptoms of chronic bronchitis were reported in 15% [3].


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