Echocardiography of the Aortic Valve

  • G. J. Leech
  • T. E. Guiney
  • M. J. Davies
  • D. J. Parker
Part of the Developments in Cardiovascular Medicine book series (DICM, volume 13)


Although detection of echoes from the aortic cusps was described in the early days of echocardiography [1], its application in the diagnosis and management of aortic valve disease has remained limited. This partly is due to the difficulty in obtaining clear recordings of the valve cusps throughout the cardiac cycle; even in normal subjects, this is possible in only about 75% of cases. It is also due to limitations of apparatus resolution, since the small size of the valve necessitates more accurate measurements if, for example, valve area is to be correlated with that found at surgery. Nevertheless, echocardiography can provide a good deal of useful information, which we shall attempt to review.


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  • T. E. Guiney
  • M. J. Davies
  • D. J. Parker

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