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Structure Identification by Contrast Echocardiography

  • Richard L. Popp
  • Charles R. Tucker
Part of the Developments in Cardiovascular Medicine book series (DICM, volume 13)


The exciting technique of structure identification by contrast echocardiography has many developing applications and is now especially useful in defining cardiac chambers and in the recognition of congenital heart defects, as well as of complications of the abnormal flow resulting from such defects. But, if we are trying to define a given chamber, or the time sequence of flow of contrast moving from one chamber to another, the basic identity of each structure is the most important information we must begin with. Most people doing echocardiography now believe they understand cardiac anatomy very well, and in fact they do. But as the equipment has allowed us to see more and more details of the cardiac anatomy, and we are presented a more comprehensive view of the heart than has been possible in the past, the subtle details of anatomic features that were not visible or not important before become crucial to our diagnosis.


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  • Charles R. Tucker

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