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Determination of Quantitative Left Ventricular Function by M-mode Echocardiography Together with Other Noninvasive Parameters

  • P. Hanrath
  • P. Kremer
  • B. A. Langenstein
Part of the Developments in Cardiovascular Medicine book series (DICM, volume 13)


M-mode echocardiography, which was first introduced in cardiology in order to identify valve disease, has since been shown to be very useful for studying left ventricular (LV) function. The advantage of this method is its noninvasive nature and therefore its suitability for sequential studies in the same patient. Due to its high repetition rate in comparison with angiography and radionuclide techniques, M-mode echocardiography allows a detailed analysis of the dynamic changes in LV dimension and wall thickness within one cardiac cycle. In order to take full advantage of the high repetition rate of this technique for LV dimension analysis, echocardiograms must be digitized. Computer analysis of the M-mode echocardiogram then enables continuous computation of a number of variables throughout one cycle and hence the possibility of following LV cavity dimension, and its rate of change, during systole and diastole. It is also possible to analyse wall thickness changes of the septum and of the left ventricular posterior wall, which is not possible using any other technique.


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  • P. Hanrath
  • P. Kremer
  • B. A. Langenstein

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