Circadian Variation of Plasma Growth Hormone in Normal Subjects and Diabetic Patients. Effects of Somatostatin Infusion, Age and Body Weight

  • Aage Prange Hansen
  • Stig Engkjaer Christensen
Part of the Developments in Endocrinology book series (DIEN, volume 1)


When these studies were initiated late in 1968 the 24-h plasma growth hormone pattern in normal subjects was just discovered. Hunter and Rigal (1) had reported raised plasma growth hormone values during night in children. Quabbe and coworkers (2) had found in adults low day time plasma growth hormone values, intermittent bursts during night with high peaks occurring during times of deeper sleep. Glick and Goldsmith (3) had shown an effect of various feeding procedures on the 24-h plasma growth hormone level. Takahashi et al. (4) and Honda et al. (5) had demonstrated that the release of growth hormone during night coincides with the onset of electroencephalographically determined deep sleep. Experiments in which they had delayed or interrupted sleep provided evidence that the nocturnal growth hormone secretion was related to the onset of sleep and did not reflect a true endogenous circadian rhythm in growth hormone secretion. Extensive studies by Parker and coworkers (6, 7) have amply confirmed and extended these findings


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  • Stig Engkjaer Christensen
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