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‘To the general practitioner, rheumatism may be just something of which he knows and understands little and for which he is prepared to just dole out a bottle of medicine or prescribe a liniment’. This was written 30 years ago by a celebrated rheumatologist of his time, Dr Francis Bach. The understanding of rheumatology by the family doctor has advanced a great deal since then: he knows how important it is to recognize the various types of rheumatism and arthritis and how effective proper treatment can be. Bottles of medicine and liniments have given way to carefully prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs and local steroid injections. The specialty of rheumatology has blossomed and has become infinitely more ‘respectable’ than it was, working in collaboration with orthopaedic surgery as well as with the various paramedical disciplines — physiotherapy, manipulation, occupational therapy and rehabilitation.


Rheumatic Fever Aortic Valve Disease Rheumatic Disorder Plantar Fasciitis Polymyalgia Rheumatica 
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