Shock Waves

  • Eric R. Priest
Part of the Geophysics and Astrophysics Monographs book series (GAAM, volume 21)


The Sun is in a far-from-static state, and often the motions that are universally present produce shock waves. For example, magnetic reconnections are likely to be taking place continually when distinct magnetic flux systems press up against one another, and these reconnections generate magnetic shock waves (Section 10.1). Also, the eruption of a huge quiescent prominence is likely to generate a wave that propagates ahead, whereas a violent solar flare can produce a shock whose presence is revealed by a Type II radio burst. On a smaller scale, shock waves are probably generated by surges, spicules and the continual granular motion of the solar surface (Sections 6.3 and 6.4.1). Some of the applications are discussed elsewhere in the book, while the present chapter develops the basic theory for both hydrodynamic and magnetic shocks.


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