Introductory Report on Symbiotic Stars

  • A. A. Boyarchuk
Conference paper
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The term “Symbiotic Star” was first introduced by P.W. Merrill (1958) and now is used for designation of astronomical objects, whose spectra represent a combination of absorption features of a low tempera ture star with emission lines of high excitation. At first the group of these objects contained four stars: Z And, BF Cyg, CI Cyg and AX Per (Merrill 1933). Many symbiotic stars were discovered as results of dif ferent sky surveys in the last decade. The infrared observations have confermed the presence of a cool component in many emission line objects even if the visual observations do not give evidence for the latter. In the catalogue published by Boyarchuk in 1969 the number of symbiotic stars was 21 as well as 16 probable ones. Recently, Allen (1979) has published a catalogue containing more than 100 objects with complex spectra.


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