Fifty Years of Symbiotic Stars

  • Jorge Sahade
Conference paper
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Fifty years ago, Merrill and Humason wrote a note that was published the following year in the Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (Merrill and Huaason, 1932), where they called attention to the existence of a group of stars -a very small group, then, with only AX Bersei, RW Hydrae and CI Gygni, and “possibly” T Coronae Borealis and R Aquarii as members- characterized by the fact that their spectra display titanium oxide absorption bands together with emissions of He II 4686, [O III] 4363 and other nebular lines. The stars in the group were later called “symbiotic stars” by Merrill, on the ocassion of a paper on BF Cygni that he presented before the American Astronomical Society in 1941 (cf. Merrill, 1958), and their spectra were described, also by Merrill, as “combination spectra”.


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