Geometrical Solids in Space

  • Erik Nis Ostenfeld
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In the Parmenides we find a first attempt at a classification of change into locomotion (phora) and alteration (alloiōsis) (138bc). This is later expanded (155e–156b) so that we get a tripartite scheme embracing (1) (a)generation (genesis) and (b) perishing, (2) locomotion and (3) alteration: (a) combination and separation (becoming one or many), (b) assimilation and dissimilation (becoming like or unlike), (c) increase and decrease (becoming greater or less). It appears from Laws (893e6 ff.) and from Timaeus (56d ff.) that (3c) and (3b) respectively depend upon (3a). In the Laws generation too seems treated as derived.55 If (1) then is dependent on (3a), locomotion would seem to be the basic change in the late phase.


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