Wholes of Concrete Common Qualities

  • Erik Nis Ostenfeld
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From the Apology it appears that Socrates was accused of carrying on investigations in science (19bc). But he rejects the accusation as irrelevant as he has no understanding of or interest in such matters (19c). Apparently Socrates had been connected with Anaxagoras. Meletus contends that Socrates says that the sun is a stone and the moon a mass of earth, doctrines that Socrates, however, calls “silly” (26c-e). This does not prevent Socrates from having been interested in cosmology in his youth (Phd. 96a ff.) or from still entertaining Anaxagorean doctrines and openly acknowledging his debt to Anaxagoras on certain topics, e.g. that mind or soul is the ordering and containing principle of all things (Crat. 400a).


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