Influence of thermal properties and epidermal thickness on pain threshold in conductive heating

  • A. M. Stoll
  • M. A. Chianta
  • J. R. Piergallini


Measurements of time to pain threshold during contact of bare skin with materials at various increased temperatures were made to provide maximum permissible temperatures for safe contact in given circumstances, determinable solely from a knowledge of the thermal properties of the material. The profound influence of epidermal thickness on the heat flow during contact led to a method for determining this thickness, given the initial temperature of the material productive of threshold pain within the first five seconds of contact.

We concluded that the system used in deriving the data is valid, the epidermal thickness may be determined within ± 10%, and a simple method for performing this measurement may be developed from the present data.


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  • A. M. Stoll
  • M. A. Chianta
  • J. R. Piergallini

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