The Theory of Your Dreams

  • Clark Glymour
Part of the Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science book series (BSPS, volume 76)


The Interpretation of Dreams is often thought to be Freud’s best book-length work. It was, indeed, Freud’s first lengthy statement of a substantially original psychological theory. Freud wrote the book in the late 1890’s and published it in 1900; it had a second edition in 1909, and thereafter many subsequent editions. By Freud’s own account it was not well received by the scientific readers for whom it was intended, that is by physicians and academic psychologists, but it was something of a popular success. Freud’s book found an audience among educated lay persons, and it was with this group that Freud found his most immediate and direct following. The Interpretation of Dreams is a long and complex book, and it is deeply revealing of Freud’s procedures, his style of argument and his theoretical development.


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