Structural Restrictions on Pronominal Reference

  • Lawrence Solan
Part of the Studies in Theoretical Psycholinguistics book series (SITP, volume 1)


Because the language acquisition process involves the child’s progressing from some initial State, So, to some steady State, Sn, language acquisition research must begin with some characterization of these states with respect to the phenomena being investigated. In this chapter, I will explore in some detail the grammar of pronominal reference, taking into account the distinction between those aspects of the grammar of English that are direct reflections of linguistic universals and those that manifest language-particular properties of English. Section 1 will essentially define the scope of this study. In Section 2, I will discuss a number of analyses that have appeared in the past ten years or so, proposing in Section 3 several modifications of Reinhart’s (1976, 1981) hypothesis. Section 4 speculates on how the structural conditions on anaphora intersect with other principles of grammar, and with conditions on interpretation outside the grammar.


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