Current Use of Ambient and Biological Monitoring: Reference Workplace Hazards. Organic Toxic Agents — Benzene II

  • E. Fournier


The discovery of the clinical effects of benzene relates to two types of blood disorder — medullary insufficiencies. and certain forms of leukaemia. There can be a time lapse of 2–15 years between the beginning of exposure to benzene and the appearance of diseases making it extremely difficult to reconstitute a history of exposure during a working life; however some systematic surveys have been carried out; there are also associated factors such as age and sex of the individual concerned. It is now difficult to improve our knowledge of occupational benzene poisoning since for instance, there has been a considerable reduction in use of benzene in the workplace in the last ten years. New parameters of measurement are being developed and the most recent contribution to defining the effect of small doses relates to chromosomal alterations. Theories on the action of benzene and tests linked to benzene metabolism are also discussed.


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