Extragalactic Supernovae

  • David Branch
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The accelerating pace of research on extragalactic supernovae (SNe) can be illustrated by a very brief history of the topic. The subject began just about a century ago, when S Andromedae, now known also as SN 1885a, appeared near the nucleus of the Andromeda Galaxy. Fifty years later, after only 13 more SNe had been noticed, Zwicky appeared and the discovery rate rose sharply; the total number now exceeds 500. Detailed theoretical discussions of stellar explosions began less than a quarter of a century ago, with Hoyle and Fowler (1960) on the sudden release of thermonuclear energy and Colgate and White (1966) on the release of gravitational potential energy by the collapse of a stellar core. Attempts to make qualitative interpretations of SN observations began to seem worthwhile only a decade ago, when the first spectrophotometric data obtained with modern linear detectors were published (Kirshner, Oke, Penston, and Searle 1973), and the present lively interplay between theoretical predictions and observational constraints has developed just within the last few years (cf. Meyerott and Gillespie 1980, Wheeler 1980, Rees and Stoneham 1982).


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