Actinide R-Process Chronometers and β-Delayed Fission

  • F.-K. Thielemann
Part of the Astrophysics and Space Science Library book series (ASSL, volume 109)


When including new predictions for β-delayed fission and neutron emission rates in an r-process calculation, the production ratios for 232Th/238U and 244Pu/238U are drastically lowered. Employing the chrono-metric pairs 232Th/238U 235U/238U 244Pu/238U and 129I/127I within a simple exponential model for chemical evolution of the Galaxy results in an age ranging roughly from 14 to 20×109. This is much larger than previous age determinations from actinide chronometers. Within the same model this value is consistant with predictions from the 187Re/187Os chronomet-ric pair and comparable with recent determinations of globular cluster ages and a Hubble constant of Ho < 70 km s-l Mpc-l. In more complex galactic evolution models the chronometers seem to lead to similar results, however, problems with the observed stellar age-metallicity relation are indicated.


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