The Molecular Hypothesis: From 1811 to Cannizzaro’s ‘sunto’ in 1858

  • Mario Morselli
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In the two decades which followed the ‘Essai d’une manière’, Avogadro published three more essays dealing with the molecular hypothesis: in 1814 the ‘Mémoire sur les masses relatives’ appeared in the Journal de Physique of de La Methérie and the other two in the official organ of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Turin. One may assume that at least the two articles in the Parisian journal should have reached a rather large audience outside Piedmont. Due to the peculiar position of this region, then a Department of the French Empire, there was never a problem of communication between Paris and Turin even during the Napoleonic Wars. As for the ‘Nouvelles considerations’ and the ‘Mémoire sur la manière’, they both were published after Waterloo when Europe had been at peace for many years and circulation of news and mail no longer presented a problem.


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