Pontryagin theory

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For the discrete optimal control problem (DOC1) of 4.6, define the function
$$\matrix{ {H\left( {x,u,\lambda } \right) = \sum\limits_{k = 0}^N {[\psi (\mathop x\nolimits_k ,\mathop u\nolimits_k ,k) + \mathop \lambda \nolimits_k \phi (\mathop x\nolimits_k ,\mathop u\nolimits_k ,k)]} } \cr { = \sum\limits_{k = 0}^N {\left[ {{1 \over 2}\mathop x\nolimits_k^T \mathop A\nolimits_k \mathop x\nolimits_k + {1 \over 2}\mathop u\nolimits_k^T \mathop B\nolimits_k \mathop u\nolimits_k + \mathop \lambda \nolimits_k \left( {\mathop a\nolimits_k \mathop x\nolimits_k + \mathop b\nolimits_k \mathop u\nolimits_k } \right)} \right]} } \cr { \equiv \sum\limits_k {\mathop h\nolimits_k (\mathop x\nolimits_k ,\mathop u\nolimits_k ,\mathop \lambda \nolimits_k )} } \cr } $$
where x is the column vector of x 0, x 1, … ,x N , and similarly u of u 0, …, u N and λ of λ0, …, λ N . Suppose that the minimum of (DOC1) is reached at (x, u, λ) = \( (x,u,\lambda ) = (\xi ,\eta ,\tilde \lambda ) \).


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