• L. E. H. Lampmann
  • S. A. Duursma
  • J. H. J. Ruys
Part of the Series in Radiology book series (SERA, volume 9)


In table 9–1 the patients are numbered from 1–106. The date of investigation, the age and sex are recorded. The clinical diagnosis is based on data acquired before these investigations have been made. The morphology of the thoracic and lumbar spine is described in short using the staging earlier mentioned in chapter 8–1.


Crohns Disease Lumbar Spine Normal Individual Normal Spine Diagnosis Osteoporosis 
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  • S. A. Duursma
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  • J. H. J. Ruys
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  1. 1.Department of RadiodiagnosisSint Elisabeth HospitalTilburgThe Netherlands
  2. 2.Clinical Research Group for Bone MetabolismUniversity HospitalUtrechtThe Netherlands
  3. 3.Department of RadiodiagnosisUniversity HospitalUtrechtThe Netherlands

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