Family Size and Birth Order

Part of the Longitudinal Research in the Behavioral, Social and Medical Sciences book series (LRBS, volume 4)


Birth order and family size have been shown to be associated with children’s development in the areas of intellectual achievement, psychosocial adjustment, and physical growth. However, the amount of research and consistency of the relationships reported differ among the three outcome areas. Whereas a family structure influence on physical growth has been consistently reported across the relatively few studies conducted, rather pervasive inconsistencies have been noted in the research relating family structure variables with intellectual and psychosocial outcomes. This chapter will initially review the literature relating family structure variables with the child’s development in each of the three outcome areas. Subsequently, results of analyses will be presented describing the association between family structure variables and these three types of outcomes in the Danish sample. The analyses directly address some of the issues raised in the literature and represent the first attempt (to our knowledge) to analyze all three outcome areas using the same sample.


Family Size Birth Order Teacher Rating Intellectual Performance Physical Growth 
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