Perinatal and Social Influences on One-Year Physical Outcomes

Part of the Longitudinal Research in the Behavioral, Social and Medical Sciences book series (LRBS, volume 4)


The purpose of this chapter is to examine the relative influence of medical and social variables on the infant’s health status and motor development level at one year of age. As described in chapter 1, following discharge from the obstetric ward the next scheduled contact between the collaborators on the Danish neonatal project and the mother-infant pairs was an intensive medical examination of the infants that was conducted as closely as possible to the first birthday. After birth and during the first year, the infants were not involved in any special preventive medical care program; health care during this period was left entirely to the individual families. Thus, the one-year follow-up inquiries did not include the imposed access to medical care that characterized the pregnancy and neonatal inquiries. The one-year examination consisted of a thorough physical and neurological examination carried out at the pediatric outpatient ward at Rigshospitalet. When parents were unable to bring their child to the hospital, home visits were arranged.


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