Epidemiology of gallstone disease in Chile

  • C. Covarrubias
  • V. Valdivieso
  • F. Nervi


Knowledge of the prevalence of gallstones in Chile is derived from several autopsy studies1–3. In one of them, of 4355 autopsies performed from 1960 to 1969, the prevalence of gallbladder disease (cholelithiasis and cholecystectomies) was 20% in men and 50% in women1. Chemical analysis of 138 cases with gallstones demonstrated that 84% of them had a cholesterol content higher than 50% of their dry weight. This study demonstrated that the frequency of gallstones increased with age in both sexes, and that they were significantly associated with obesity and gallbladder cancer.


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  • C. Covarrubias
  • V. Valdivieso
  • F. Nervi

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