Possible Worlds: a Defence of Hume

Part of the The University of Western Ontario Series in Philosophy of Science book series (WONS, volume 31)


Upon the thesis we are defending, explanation is by means of deduction from laws. In particular, since statements like
  1. (1)

    c causes e.

are explanatory, we are defending the thesis that these statements involve a deduction from laws. 1 One particular attempt to so construe (1) that it does not involve the assertion of a law is of particular interest in the present context. This is the position of David Lewis.2 This position not only separates causal statements like (1) from laws, but also denies the Humean account of laws, construing laws as mere matter-of-fact regularities, as not involving what the Humean insists must be involved in any analysis of laws, to wit, the idea of necessity .


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