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  • Johan Van Benthem
Part of the Studies in Linguistics and Philosophy book series (SLAP, volume 29)


Our investigation up till now has been concerned with the linguistic category of determiners, including quantifiers. But, the techniques developed can be brought to bear upon arbitrary grammatical types: adjectives, connectives, adverbs, etc. To broaden our scope, we will work against the background of an extensional categorial grammar, with basic types e (‘entity’) and t (‘truth value’) — as in Section 1.1. — allowing formation of functional types (a, b) (‘from a-denotations to b-denotations’). Models will then be semantic structures (D a ) a TYPE, With base domains D e , D t and a recursive construction rule D(a, b) = D b D a . Chapter 7 is devoted to further theoretical study of this mechanism as such.


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