The Iraqi National Astronomical Observatory

  • Hamid M. K. Al-Naimiy


Iraq is currently experiencing a praid cultural, scientific, and technical renaissance, and astronomy is a natural focus for the country’s pride in the past achievements of the civilization which have flourished in Iraq. The current plans of the Space and Astronomy Research Center (SARC) include building a major observatory to work in the optical, IR and radio region of the spectrum.

The core of the optical facility will be a 3.5 m optical telescope, together with 1.25 m telescope designed for efficient performance in the IR. These telescopes will be equipped with instruments for photographic, photometric and spectroscopic observations. A 30 m dish is also being built for millimeter/radio observations.

SARC has selected an excellent observing site in the northern mountains of Iraq which has good seeing and clear dark skies. The sites selection was made with the collaboration of several leading astronomers and observatories from various countries.


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