Color-coded Doppler flow imaging: a major advance for non-invasive cardiology?

  • J. Roelandt
  • W. B. Vletter
  • H. Rijsterborgh
  • W. J. Gussenhoven
Part of the Developments in Cardiovascular Medicine book series (DICM, volume 54)


Echocardiography has profoundly changed the practice of cardiology. Its diagnostic superiority results from its capacity to differentiate cardiac structures from blood-filled cavities without using contrast material. However, no direct information on blood flow is obtained and the hemodynamic consequences of minimal structural and functional abnormalities cannot be assessed. This is most apparent for lesions, such as valvular insufficiency and intracardiac shunts, which cannot be diagnosed by echocardiography alone with confidence.


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  • W. B. Vletter
  • H. Rijsterborgh
  • W. J. Gussenhoven

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