Respiratory Tract Infections

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Respiratory infections are common in general practice. In DBs practice 22% of all new episodes of illness and 55% of all new episodes of infection are due to infections of the respiratory tract. For every 1000 patients registered with a general practitioner presenting during the course of any given year, 140 will consult with acute upper respiratory infection, 75 with acute throat infections and 62 with acute chest infections; a further 28 will consult with acute otitis media and in a non-epidemic year five will consult with influenza. For every 1000 patients on a general practitioner’s list, 20 will present with an acute chest infection during any given year, eight will be admitted to hospital and one will die.


Respiratory Syncytial Virus Otitis Medium Acute Otitis Medium Chest Infection Acute Sinusitis 
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