Noninteracting Particles

  • Walter T. GrandyJr.
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When we set  = exp(−βĤ N ) in Eq. (4-105) we obtain a completely general expression for the canonical partition function describing an N-particle system in thermal equilibrium:
$${\text{Tr}}{{e}^{ - }}^{{\beta {{{\widehat{{\text{H}}}}}_{N}}}} = \frac{1}{{N!}}{{\sum\limits_{{{{\lambda }_{1}} \cdots {{\lambda }_{N}}}} {\left[ {\sum\limits_{{P'}} {{{\varepsilon }^{{P'}}}\hat{P}'} \left\langle {{{\lambda }_{1}} \cdots {{\lambda }_{N}}\left| {{{e}^{ - }}^{{\beta {{{\widehat{{\text{H}}}}}_{N}}}}} \right|{{{\lambda '}}_{1}} \cdots {{{\lambda '}}_{N}}} \right\rangle } \right]} }_{{{{{\lambda '}}_{i}} = {{{\lambda '}}_{1}}_{i}}}}, $$
where Ĥ N is the N-particle Hamiltonian, including interactions.


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