Continuum Distributions and Line Profiles of Ux Uma-Type Novalike Systems

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Combined UV, optical and, in part, IR continuum distributions of the UX UMa-systems CPD-48°1577, V3885 Sgr, RW Sex and of the recently discovered cataclysmic system PHL 227 were determined from multi-wavelength spectroscopic and photometric data to search for general characteristics of these systems. The observed variations of the UV to IR spectral indices are qualitatively very similar for all systems, whereas the absolute values show significant differences in the far and near UV ranges. The wavelength dependence of the optical and IR spectral indices as well as the variations of the Balmer line profiles lie within the range of model spectra of optically thick and stationary accretion disks with stellar atmosphere characteristics. The different behavior of the far UV spectral indices can be explained by the excess radiation from an extended and optically thick boundary layer, which depends mainly on the orbital inclination.


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  1. 1.Dr. Remeis Observatory BambergAstronomical Institute of the University Erlangen-NürnbergBambergGermany

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