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Part of the Studies in Theoretical Psycholinguistics book series (SITP, volume 5)


Results from each of the experimental studies and control measures are evaluated below in relation to the hypotheses formulated in Chapter 5. Elicited imitation data in the production tests are reported as follows:
  • *analyses of success of imitation by the design factors specified for each test both within and across language groups (Spanish and Japanese)

  • *analyses of imitation errors: lexical errors, one-clause repetitions, and two-clause repetitions—both those that involve a conversion to a coordinate sentence structure and those that involve an anaphora error. These errors are analyzed by directionality and anaphor type within and across each language group.

Reported analyses of comprehension data consider the following:
  • *success in comprehension as differentiated by the design factors

  • *choice of coreferent (i.e., interpretation of the anaphor) as differentiated by the design factors

  • *the effect of a pragmatic context on null and pronoun anaphora both across and within each language group.


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