Numerical Techniques for Engineering Analysis and Design

pp 453-464

Preliminary Seismic Analysis and Design of Liquid Storage Tanks

  • R. C. BarrosAffiliated withDepartamento de Engenharia Civil, Faculdade de Engenharia, Universidade do Porto

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The behavior of thin shell cylindrical steel liquid storage tanks anchored to the foundation is studied when these structures are subjected to earthquake horizontal ground motions. Different analytical procedures are applied for the analyses of typical liquid storage tanks that suffered damage during the earthquake that occured in San Juan (Argentina) in:November 1977. These procedures consider the generalized tank-fluid system as rigid or as a system with distributed flexibility. Results from the analyses using different methods are presented and compared, and some possible reasons for the inadequate observed behavior are detected. An improved procedure for the comprehensive seismic resistant design of cylindrical tanks is summarized. Finally, some recommendations and research needs to improve the design and construction of this type of liquid storage tanks are suggested.