Ultrasonography of the Normal and Abnormal Fetal Neuroanatomy

  • A. Kurjak
  • V. Latin
  • Z. Alfirevic
  • M. Biljan
Part of the Topics in the Neurosciences book series (TNSC, volume 6)


The lack of any yet proven deleterious effects to the mother or fetus has made ultrasound a unique and powerful tool for evaluation and management of the obstetric patient. Up to now ultrasound has been used predominantly to identify placental location, fetal position, number of fetuses and gestational age. Recent improvements in ultrasound technology, particularly the introduction of new high-resolution real-time instrumentation, favour the detection of subtle differences in fetal soft tissue structures. This has increased our knowledge and awareness of normal fetal anatomy which is very important, especially if one is to make a confident diagnosis of a congenital anomaly.


Lateral Ventricle Posterior Fossa Arachnoidal Cyst Posterior Horn Fetal Head 
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  • V. Latin
  • Z. Alfirevic
  • M. Biljan

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