On the Design of 2D Flow Imaging Systems

  • Bjorn A. J. Angelsen
Part of the Developments in Cardiovascular Medicine book series (DICM, volume 73)


To generate a 2D velocity image takes inherently longer time than to generate a 2D structural image. One way to describe the reason for this, is that we have to observe a scatterer for a periode of time to be able to determine its velocity, and the accuracy of the velocity estimate increases as the time we observe the scatterer increases. We can draw an analogy to how the motion of an aeroplane or a star,far away in the sky, is observed. They appear to stand still, except if you observe them over a periode of time so you can see that they have moved. The same is true if we want to determine a Doppler shift in frequency of an ultrasonic echo: The accuracy of the frequency estimate, Df, is inversely proportional to the time we observe the signal, T.


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