Noradrenaline, psychotic decompensation, and drug response in schizophrenia

  • D. P. van Kammen
  • T. C. Neylan
  • W. B. van Kammen
  • J. L. Peters
  • J. Rosen
  • M. Linnoila


Recent Biological investigation in schizophrenia has revealed a role for noradrenaline (NA). Disturbed noradrenergic activity is among the most replicated biological findings in schizophrenia. Increased NA levels have been found in CSF, autopsy brains, and plasma. For review see Hornykiewicz [1] and van kammen and Antelman [2]. However, not all investigators have demonstrated increased NA indices of activity. CSF NA has been found to be highly variable from LP to LP, in contrast to CSF MHPG, HVA and 5HIAA [3]. Alpha-2 receptor functions has been found to be both increased [4–6] and decreased [7–9]. This confusing variability of results left some investigators to conclude that the noradrenergetic system was not disturbed in schizophrenia [10].


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  • D. P. van Kammen
  • T. C. Neylan
  • W. B. van Kammen
  • J. L. Peters
  • J. Rosen
  • M. Linnoila

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