Neurofunctional assessment of schizophrenia: neuropsychological and EEG data of lateralized imbalancement of functions

  • S. Scarone
  • O. Gambini
  • L. Pugnetti
  • C. Colombo
  • R. Cattaneo
  • L. Bellini
  • W. Christe
  • C. L. Cazzullo


The purpose of this paper is to discuss how our data on hemispheric specialization measures might be usefull for improving our understanding of schizophrenia.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • S. Scarone
  • O. Gambini
  • L. Pugnetti
  • C. Colombo
  • R. Cattaneo
  • L. Bellini
  • W. Christe
  • C. L. Cazzullo

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