Recent Advances in Pillared Clays and Group IV Metal Phosphates

Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (ASIC, volume 231)


The smectite family of clays swell in water and are thus able to exchange large cations such as [Al13O4(OH)24·12 H2O]7+ and [Zr(OH)2·4 H2O] 4 8+ . These ions act as pillars to prop open the clay layers thus creating porous structures. Pores larger than those possible in zeolites have been measured in the propped clays. Thus, their potential for the cracking of the heavy gas-oil fraction of petroleum has been examined.

The layered compound α-zirconium phosphate has been pillared by cross-linking the layers with aryl diphosphonic acids. The pillars can be spaced to produce different sized pores and the structures are stable in reducing atmospheres to 400°C. Their potential use as catalysts is discussed.


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