Water: An Absolute Requirement for Life

  • A. Katsuki
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The characteristic of life and the situation of the Earth are analyzed from the viewpoint of entropy. Living being is an open system, which takes low-entropy materials from and puts out high-entropy ones into the environment; for living beings to be able to maintain their lives, the environment itself has to be kept in a low-entropy state. As the environment of the living beings, the Earth has a mechanism of entropy elimination, the circulation of water. Living beings have two kinds of low-entropy materials, clean liquid water of low energy, and carbohydrate of high energy. For all living beings, the “low-energy and low-entropy” material is liquid water. Water is absolutely important for life not only as the place where the elementary bio-process proceed, but also as the low-energy and low-entropy material indispensable for entropy elimination from the concerned living system.


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