The aim of this brief conclusion is to summarize the evidence presented, to show its significance, and to point to research areas that have thus been opened up. In order to discuss the influence of the Scottish Enlightenment on Hegel’s theory of ‘civil society’, the ultimate task of the present study, a number of preparatory investigations were found to be necessary. Firstly, through a bibliographical documentation of the impact of the Enlightenment in Germany (Chapter Two), the foundation of an analysis of the Scottish influence on the intellectual life of contemporary Germany and, as a result, a framework for Hegel’s relation to the Scottish philosophers had to be provided. It was shown that the Scottish thinkers enjoyed a wide and marked reception in eighteenth-century Germany, a reception which left its traces in terms of contemporary translations, reviews, and popularizations, as well as exerting an influence on the teaching of political economy at German universities. Since the bibliographical documentation (Appendices I–III) of this reception is quite extensive, it should be useful to future researchers in the field of eighteenth-century cultural links between Great Britain and Germany. What remains to be done with regard to the translations (Appendix I) is to complement our compilation, mainly drawn from printed sources, by an inspection of the actual volumes.


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