Concerning the potential therapeutic value of zinc in rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis

  • A. Frigo
  • L. M. Bambara
  • E. Concari
  • M. Marrella
  • U. Moretti
  • C. Tambalo
  • G. P. Velo
  • R. Milanino
Part of the Inflammation and Drug Therapy Series book series (IDTH, volume 4)


Although less extensively studied than copper, the metabolism of zinc has also been shown to be affected by rheumatoid arthritic conditions, a decrease of plasma zinc concentration being the change most frequently observed.


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  • M. Marrella
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  • U. Moretti
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  • C. Tambalo
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  • G. P. Velo
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  • R. Milanino
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