Ethics Et Alia

  • Mario Bunge
Part of the Treatise on Basic Philosophy book series (TOBP, volume 8)


Ethics is a branch of knowledge that has a direct bearing on action. Hence it is closely related to other branches of knowledge and to all fields of human action. All this may sound platitudinous, but it has been denied by various schools of thought. For example, the emotivist moral philosophers (Ch. 7, Sect. 1.5) claim that ethics has no cognitive content. And many a businessman, as well as many a politician, denies that his actions ought to be constrained by moral precepts. Moreover, there is an entire philosophical school, namely contemporary contractualism, which denounces ethics as a straitjacket or at best as a byproduct of business transactions. (Recall Ch. 7, Sect. 2.4.) Hence the examination of the relations between ethics and its theoretical and practical relatives may not be redundant.


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