Authorial Reflections

  • Calvin O. Schrag
Part of the Analecta Husserliana book series (ANHU, volume 26)


Since the publication of Kierkegaard’s short piece on “The Point of View for my Work as an Author” philosophers have recognized the peculiar relevance of the genre of intellectual autobiography for the art of philosophical reflection. The written word calls for some accounting of why it is written. There are of course a host of problems that attend such an accounting. It would seem that the author himself is the one to tell us about the motivations that have occasioned his writings and about the stories they tell. On matters such as these, it would be thought, he is uncontestably the “authority”. Yet the authority of the author has become problematized in the recent literature. It is now fashionable to deauthorize the author and displace him as the reliable source for an accounting of what his writings say. Indeed there is much talk of the “death of the author.” This places the author into a rather peculiar predicament. The display of the meaning of his written word requires his demise.


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